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Adult Male Circumcision


What Is It

Adult Circumcision is a minor surgery procedure to remove the tip of the penis’ skin, also known as the foreskin.


Who Needs It

There are several of reasons why men need to perform circumcision, such as ritual, medically indicated (infection, phimosis, ect).


Is It Painful

Nope. The modern way of circumcision uses painkiller / anesthesia over the penile area. You won’t feel any pain during the surgery.

This is what happen when you underwent circumcision.

Only part of the foreskin (tip of the penis’s skin that covered the gland penis) is removed surgically (by scissor, laser or device). The wound is then sutured to the penis skin at the shaft.

After the operation, notice that the gland penis (penis head) is fully exposed.
If you are not circumcised, when you pee or had sexual intercourse, there is a risk of infection as some of the urine or vaginal secretion (worst vaginal yeast) may enter and stay, in between the foreskin and gland penis.
The area covered with the foreskin (before circumcision) also undergoes a constant cycle cell repair, resulting to accumulated dead cells there. This accumulated dead cells are medically known as SMEGMA.

The smegma can be a reservoir for bacteria / fungus to grow! If your partner/spouse is having recurrent episodes of foul-smelling vaginal discharge, despite adequate medical treatment, there is a chance that you are the source of infection, during sexual intercouse with your partner.

Most of the time, uncircumcised men does not develop any symptom even if they have smegma or mild infection over the area. Some may develop itchy penis due to inflammation caused by the mild infection.

Uncircumcised Men Are 3 Times More Likely To Get Gland Penis Infection, Compared to Circumcised Men.

Infection over the gland penis is medically called BALANITIS. If both gland penis and the foreskin are infected, it is known as BALANOPOSTHITIS. Sometimes patient does not have any symptoms until the infection get worst !

This infection is treatable with most antibiotic unless the bacteria / fungus develop extended-resistance towards antibiotic/antifungal.
People with history of multiple sexual partners, are at higher risk to contract this disease compared to single sexual partner.

If you are diagnosed with balanitis or balanoposthitis, depending on the severity, doctor will prefer to start with oral antibiotic for couple of days and later perform the circumcision to maximize wound healing and control the disease from spreading.

Another medical condition that most likely to require Circumcision is Phimosis or Paraphimosis.

The reason why these condition need operation are :-

– Painful erection

– Infection over the gland penis / foreskin

– Recurrent urinary tract infection (symptoms : pain while urinating, dribbling urine after voiding, ect)

Share this vital information with your friends or partner. Its hard to find clinic that offer adult circumcision services in Malaysia. Help them!

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